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Asia Expo 2015

Our First International show, Asia Expo 2015 was a chance to introduce the NOA H4se, which has received plenty of attention and a lot of positive feedback.

Asia Expo 2016

Our first international outing, Asia Expo was used to introduce H9, one of our best selling devices.

Mobile World Congress Shanghai

A sibling of the MWC Barcelona show, where we presented a range of our mobile devices, among them NOA H9 for the second time.

Mobile World Congress 2017

Biggest and most well known mobile technology fair in the world, held in Barcelona each year. Our star of the show was NOA H10LE, a limited edition version of NOA H10.

Mobile World Congress 2018

Our second Barcelona visit was used to give a sneak peek at NOA N10, which was released in the same year.

IFA Berlin

This world renowned fair, held in Berlin from 1924 has presented many groundbreaking products. We have once again presented NOA H10LE, which has won the EISA Best Buy award for the year 2017.



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